Three elite football clubs were out on Gosch’s Paddock this morning under the beaming Melbourne sun, but only one held the interest of the media and onlookers.

It was a triangle of stars with the Melbourne Victory, Melbourne Football Club and on the main oval, Collingwood Football Club.

The entire Magpies list was on the park along with new head coach, Nathan Buckley. All eyes were on last year’s runners-up including a large media pack consisting of journos and several television cameras and photographers feverishly snapping away.

If the Demons and Victory wanted any attention, they clearly picked the wrong time to train.

The Magpies players were pushed hard during the session with many bent over sucking the big ones in after each drill. Heath Shaw and Alan Didak left the track earlier than the main group.

In his first media engagement as Collingwood head coach, Buckley said, in response to being asked how does it feel taking over, “It’s good. I think anyone that comes in to this job first up thinks you can conquer everything in a week, it’s not going to happen like that.” Bucks went on to say that there will be adjustments to the clubs game plan in 2012 and added, “You can’t afford to stand still, standing still is going backwards.”

Collingwood head away tomorrow to Arizona to undertake their annual altitude training exercise.


About Cameron Larkin

A passionate sports follower - AFL, Union and League, Football, NFL and NBA.

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